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Course handouts and information; listed and linked below right.

Please scroll down and click on the links, look at the information and print off the handouts to bring with you if you are attending a course in Childer Wood. A full copy of the OCN work book will be emailed to those booking; the copy below is a summary and is for information only.

Childer Wood Heavy Horse Centre is the woodland training centre run by Doug Joiner in Herefordshire.

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Courses run in Childer Wood are part of the overall Woodland Management Strategy.

Woodland Management Courses are now run by the British Horse Loggers

Chain Saw Courses fell trees that need to be felled as part of our ongoing woodland management; in particular the clearing of areas of norway spruce and beech to allow natural regeneration of a mixed native woodland through continuous cover techniques.

Horse Logging Courses extract the full range of timber types and sizes that we have to extract in order to process and sell them.

Course Handouts are listed and linked below. Course participants are asked to read them prior to the course, print them off and bring them when attending the course.

All the courses are integrated with the practical work that goes on in this working woodland.

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Childer Wood is neighbour to Clissett Wood, the nationally acclaimed green wood work centre where
Gudrun Leitz runs her busy programme of training courses throughout the summer.
Contact her on 01531 640125 or visit her website, www.greenwoodwork.co.uk


contact Doug by phone or fax: (+44) 01531 640 236 or on his mobile: (+44) 07773 900 751