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Price increase;

Steadily rising steel prices have forced a price review. Prices were increased in February 2013, the first increase for 6 years. Combi Forwarder increased again in February 2014 due to increased costs.

New orders and are now powder coated, not painted, at no extra cost. This is the finish put on motorbike frames. It is smooth, thick, durable and scratch resistant.

My new 2 horse forwarder with one tonne+ capacity crane for loading won Third Prize and a Bronze Medal in the Charlie Pinney Memorial Award for Innovation in Horse Work Equipment at the British Festival of the Working Horse in July 2012

Tiff Hall making the presentations on behalf of Ella Pinney at the British Festival

My Combi Forwarder shared Second Prize and won a Silver Medal at Pferde Stark in 2009. This was in the Innovatory Horse Drawn Equipment Category and was amongst stiff competition. <<click here for more photos>>

Once again I had the use of the fantastic 'Herke' owned and kindly loaned to me by Mathias Bruning. Picture above is of me proudly wearing my medal!


My Bracken Basher was awarded a Bronze Medal at Pferde Stark in August 2007. The award was in the Innovatory Horse Drawn Equipment Category

Doug with Bracken Basher (pulled by 'Herke' a 4 year old Rheinish Deutsches Kaltblud), Bronze Medal and Certificate in the Main Ring at Pferde Stark, Detmold

I had the most marvellous time demonstrating my arch, forwarder, bracken basher, harness adaptor kits and much more at "La Route Des Vins Et Du Comte" at Levier in the Jura, France over the August bank holiday weekend; 25, 26 and 27 August 2006. What a superb event - hundreds of horses, oxen and mules working and a true celebration of the role for the working horse in this century.



Bracken Basher

HRH Horse Harrow



British built horse logging equipment for working horses.

For full ordering and payment details <<click here>>.


Newly Developed: The 'Eq-wine' Vineyard Plough. <<click here>> for more information.


In Development: 2 horse forwarder with powered loading. <<click here>> for more information


Combi forwarder. Offers a flexible solution to a wide range of horse logging needs. 6 wheel, one horse forwarder has removable shafts. It quickly converts to a towing beam (attach anything that could be pulled by a quad or small tractor), a timber arch and a forwarding trailer with ball hitch (to go behind a 4x4). £3,750. Optional 1.5 tonne lifting winch and fittings for arch bulkhead £375.00 Weight 250kg. <<click here for more photos>>


The "Extrahitch' Cart. Exercise/Training/Hitch cart. Shafts for a single or optional poles for a pair. In pony and heavy sizes. £2,750 >>>click here for more photos<<<


TIMBER ARCH Made to measure for your horse and pony, including quick-release choker attachments £1,185. Additional towing bulkhead (mini 'hitch cart') £300 inc. ball and pin attachment. Optional 1.5 tonne lifting winch and fittings £375.00

Weight 100kg >>>click here for more photos<<<


POLE ARCH Used in conjunction with a timber arch or single/double trees to move really long or large butts. Wind on braking system. Now with additional bracing, and includes new winch and large grapple. £2,300 >>>click here for more photos<<<


BRACKEN BASHER Mechanical bracken control - 1,550. Weight 140kg  >>> click here for more photos <<< PLEASE NOTE: the chemical 'Asulox' has now been withdrawn from sale in the UK.


FORWARDER Eight wheel bogie wagon with brakes - £3,500. Loading ramps and stabilising feet for 'parbuckling' large logs, £605. Weight   >>> click here for more photos <<<


SWINGLE TREE With integral draft springs and kick off dog 227.50 (quick release safety hook with shortening clutch) NEW: as above but with Aaron Martin logging hook £227.50 >>>click here for photos<<<


SKIDDING GRAPPLE Large 235 Small 200 >>>click here for photos<<<


CHOKER CHAINS.1.5m (£38.50) and 2.5m (£70) with rings or hooks and a pin on the other end >>>click here for photos<<<


SCANDINAVIAN ADAPTOR KIT Turn your English/Canadian/American/French/Japanese/German harness into Scandinavian to take Scandinavian shafts. 72.50 for the 'full' adaptor, £65 for the flat bar 'scissor' adaptor >>>click here for a photo<<<


HRH HORSE HARROW Go anywhere harrow for scarification to encourage natural regeneration in heath and wood land sites Mild steel 1,045 Spring steel 1,155 >>>click here for more photos<<<


CHARLIE PINNEY DRAUGHT SPRINGS. Logging weight (200kgs - for logging with heavies) £95 per pair. Farming weight (150kgs - ideal for farm work and logging with cobs) £90 per pair. >>>click here for a photo<<<


TANDEM COLLAR EQUALISER. Self adjusting for smooth starts and an even pull. Produces better angle of draught for lead horse. £82.50 per pair. <<click here for a photo>>


"THE HORSE IN THE FOREST" horse logging manual by Hans Sidback (in English) £30 plus post and packing.(£25 to BHL members and course students plus P+P). Post and packing: Britain, £2.50; Europe £3.50; N. America £5.50

For full ordering and payment details <<click here>>.



Swingle tree with quick release 'kick off dog', integral draft spring and draft springs from Charlie Pinney in the traces


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