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The "Eq-wine Vineyard Plough"

At work in the newly established 'Blackberry Field' vineyard near Horsham with the adjustment on the angle of the handles enabling the handler to work in the middle of the row and the plough against the vines.



The name, "Eq-wine" is copyright.


British Horse Logging Equipment - The "Eq-wine Vineyard Plough"



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The "Eq-wine" plough is fully adustable in the working height of its handles, the level of its handles even when working at an angle, the angle of handles so that the handler can work to one side, away from the vines, as well as in the usual height settings and angle of draft and 'attack'.

It is designed to work the soil away from the vines (decavaillonage) to 'open them up' in the spring and summer and then earth up the the vines (cavaillonage) to 'close them down' in the autumn and winter.

It controls the wasteful side roots or suckers, encouraging deep rooting from the main roots, allows for nutrients, water and air to circulate the roots avoiding the damage of compaction and controls weed growth.


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