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The two horse forwarder is still in development.

Currently a six wheeled forwarder, the ambition is to achieve an eight wheel forwarder with four steering wheels on a walking beam axle.

Eight wheels will allow for walking beam axles front and rear

Six wheels will support the weight of the load of timber

Two wheels will support the weight of the crane and the driver

Currently, on most models, only four wheels carry the load and the lack of a front walking beam makes a greater impact on any stumps or other obstacles


Jacob and Ella with the new forwarder

Jacob and Ella at the stack

Lifting a one tonne + 6 metre oak log

Design started with the crane

Other, imported fowarders, have small cranes that lift a modest load


I wanted a crane that would lift at least one tonne in a straight lift and that would have a reasonable reach

Achieving a one tonne lift and a 4.5 metre reach with a purpose built crane gave me the launching pad from which this new forwarder was created