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Measuring for a harness that fits correctly is essential and may require some assistance from a knowledgeable person

Collar fitting is especially important and so often got wrong, usually with a collar that is too large being ordered. Incorrectly fitted harness can cause sores and rubs and will reduce the horse's ability to work effectively.

To work a horse effectively, I recommend a brand new full collar to ensure correct fit and suitability.

A straight line is measured along the slope of the shoulder from the withers to the windpipe and that will give you the collar size.

Measure in inches either with a straight stick, long rule or calipers for the collar; with a soft cord or dress makers' tape for the harness. Do not use a builders' tape as it will not be accurate and will 'click' making the horse uncomfortable.

The measurement chart shown opposite is for a full neck collar working harness and is the form used by Aaron Martin

To measure for the breeching on a Scandinavian type harness the measurement G to G should extend to the girth line.


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